Kik Messenger Pros and Cons Review

Kik messenger now is one of the coolest chat application you can find over the internet. All you need is to download it on your device, install and get your own account. If you want to talk to your friends and families, they must also have this application downloaded on any gadgets they have and have your own Kik login account. But before using the application, you must be guided on what to expect in this application. There are also drawbacks you can experience.


  1. The number one advantage of having Kik is the fact that it binds people wherever they are placed. For instance a circle of friends, they can easily send some texts without in person discussion. In the event the information is essential, it may be deliver to everyone quickly.
  2. You could also speak with different of people since this application offers setting up online conference and putting people into it. They can quickly share suggestions and speak to one another.
  3. Kik messenger permits you to send limitless text to any person without having to worry about the huge bill each month. This really is a zero cost feature to utilize to all Kik users.
  4. Kik may also be downloaded to any platforms. Not only for mobile users but Kik is available in Windows and Mac platforms. Once downloaded, it’s also possible to experience the options presented exactly the same with the mobile platform options.


  1. Despite the fact that communication to everybody is a lot easier. One of the issues with utilizing mobile communication is they take away the personalized encounter of speaking to a person in the flesh. You can’t receive the real emotion of someone you are talking.
  2. There is also a problem in security threat. Additionally, it mandates responsibility when using the app, particularly when discussing with someone you don’t know. This may present some risk to the end user.

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