Top Reasons to Visit Israel

Tourists are also attracted going to Israel. There are numerous things they find Israel as one of the best place to have holiday. For over 63 years now of celebrating their independence, Israel becomes a new country that has very rich ancient histories. This is the only country that is Jewish and practice democratic state that is the home of the sacred Judaism, Islam and Christian Israelite. The holy places of the country have their own attraction and known for its religious heritage. Here you can find the top things that people see when visiting Israel.

  1. The religious experience that tourist felt on their visit. The city of Jerusalem is the place of the religious pilgrimage and significance that includes the Western Wall, Dome of the Rock, Temple Mount, The Church of the Holy Sepulchre and the al-Aqsa Mosque.
  2. The Israel’s evens and festival. You can find wide range of evens and festivals on this country. They always come and go for your taste. One of the popular festivals is “The Olive” festival. It is one of the fascinating and unique festivals held every November of the year that is based on the cash crop of the country called olive. There are tours during this time such as tours over olive productions and open house for Arab and Jewish villages. There are also lectures, dance performance, concerts and feast.
  3. The natural wonders of the country. The Mediterranean coast of Israel is already the best wonders of nature you can find with its unspoiled beaches around the city. Going to the south you can find the Negev Dessert. On the east is the Dead Sea which has the saltiest body of water.

You can find more interesting things as reasons to visit Israel. You will definitely love having holiday on this place.