Sears Online HR System

The Sears company created an online HR system to manage their employees in the most convenient way. They have about 2,300 affiliated stores which means that they manage thousands of employees. To easily track each one, employees must create their accounts in This site will tell you more about the system.

Simple Tips When Using the Website

You need to generate exactly the exact knowledge about you. Check out the web page initially before you begin signing up to acquire ideas on the way the system operates. Examine and view the terms and condition of the firm when signing up.  If you will have more questions on the company and problem it is possible to call the web page at 1-888-88sears.
Tips on Accessing the Website

You need to have your own personal pc and net connection to see the 88sears website. You should really get some private information before you start enrollment. You are required to start using higher versions of Firefox and Internet Explorer while browsing the internet site. That should be sure you do not have any challenges when browsing the web page. So, should you have outdated versions of your browser update them immediately.
How to login using your account?
1. First, it’s best to type the website URL which is
2. Next, select the enrol option.
3. Then, enter your user ID and password.
4. Lastly, select the ‘Log on” tab.

How to sign up an account?

  1. Type the URL of the Sears employee website.
  2. Look for the link that allows you to register and click it.
  3. Type a valid email address and click “Confirm Email” to verify.
  4. Create your own password that is secured enough.
  5. Enter also your zip code number.
  6. Click the check box when you want to receive a newsletter from the company.
  7. Lastly, click the “Register” button to register your account.