Step-byt-Step Filing of Limited Liability Company

Limited Liability Company in Florida is one of the business entities that companies form due to beneficial reasons. There are advantages if your business belongs to an organization. The great benefit of LLC is that it separates the personal belongings and assets of the shareholders from the company. In this way, the creditors will not force the shareholders in case the company has debts. In creating this company, it will need the Article of Organization to be filed on the Florida state. Filing will need time, effort and money to make your company a member of LLC. How to file? Blog post like this will tell you:

Number 1: Plan a name for your company. It should be unique among the other companies already registered to the state. Add the abbreviation of Limited Liability Company which are “LLC”, “L.L.C”, “LC” and “L.C”. This abbreviation must be added at the end of the name.

Number 2: Find the legal registration agent who can do the process. The agent must be a resident of Florida and is not a agent from the LLC. Only residence of Florida have are legal to process the business. He or she will be the one to receive the documents in behalf of the LLC. This site will tell you more about this company, just click here.

Number 3: Download a copy of Article of Organization and cover letter on the Florida Department website.

Number 4: Complete the form according to what is being asked. The name and address of the business, the name and address of the agent, the managers of the company and the date it will start are the needed details that should not be forgotten.

Number 5: Send the form on the department and make sure you pay the processing fee worth $125. If you are processing online, credit cards will be the form of payment.

The steps of how to file LLC must be done accordingly so the process won’t fail. You might want to also research about limited liability corporation vs S Corp.