Using CorrLinks Program Steps

Hearing news from your loved ones outside the prison can ease the loneliness you can feel. Now the CorrLinks system is one of the commercial webmail services which inmates can use to send and receive Corrlinks inmate email anytime. The service will only cost them 0.05$ per minute. If you want to talk to someone now, read first on how to use the program:image 2

  1. The emails you would receive in the CorrLinks inbox will consist of the specific identification code you acquired at the invitation email via the The code will often compose of letters. Guarantee that what email address you utilize on subscription is the exact same email address the invitation was sent.
  2. The system will email you an invitation with the federal inmate name to let you know he or she desires to put you on the contact list. You would have the option to accept or reject it. However, if you simply agree to, you will subscribe using an email address plus the code you acquired. This code will end 10 days right after the day it was delivered. The inmate will promptly obtain a message to tell that you approved the invitation.
  3. To register, only view the program online site at You have to ready the identification code and email address to register. Making a password might also be important. Password needs to provide letters and numbers so that it won’t be simple to figure out. After signing up, you are likely to wait 20 to 40 minutes for the acceptance of your form.
  4. Any time you get a e-mail in your CorrLinks account and then have create a message alert, this software will notify you in your email supplied. All messages may go with supervising and will take 1 hour before you receive the

Log in to if you already have your own account to manage.